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Klismos chiar is exhibited in Brooklyn Museum,Cooper Hewitt,

Smithsonian Design Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Dallas Museum of Art.


Klismos collection traveled all around the world and was hosted by publications such as «Life», «Time», «Vogue», «Domus»....


The list of clients includes private collectors such as Gianni Versace, Madonna, Aristotle Onassis, Jackie Kennedy, the Greek Royal family, Karl Lagerfeld, George Bush Sr, Maria Callas, John F. Kennedy, Nicholas Goulandris .


Klismos could be found at the most exclusive places – from Lord & Taylor stores in USA to the palace of  prince Sand in Jiddah. Dozens embassies around the world and many banks were furnished by the firm Saridis as well as suites of hotels such as Hilton, King George, Intercontinental e.t.c.


Elefterios Saridis and Susan Saridis, 1961,

oposite to the Acropolis,

sitting on a replica of a 465 B.C. ancient Greek Klimi.

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