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A company with a personality, a past, a story, a romance


The company was established in 1867 with expertise transferred from Istanbul to Athens. The company with the name Saridis SA began operations in 1927 in a 10,000 square meters privately owned space.

Every article of furniture from Saridis is handmade by experienced craftsmen in joinery, who work from original furniture designs, over which the company has exclusive reproduction rights. All the pieces of  the house of Saridis have the stamp of authenticity.

Saridis produces American designer T. H. Robsjohn-Gibbings’s iconic 1940s reinterpretations of classical Greek furniture.

Distinguished collaborations, exhibitions, honorary references in books and articles.

Life devoted an extensive photo essay to the line and Dianna Vreeland's Vogue pronounced the fifth-century-B.C. reproductions "completely now".

New York Magazine


Perhaps I have designed one chair that may live. That is the most that a designer can hope for.

T. H. Robsjohn - Gibbings


Hooked on Classics - Aristotle Onassis sat here. So can you.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes an object is worth a thousand images.

T, The New York Times Style Magazine


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